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It's a nightclub in Havanna

with a slinky bewigged Syd enticing this guy to dance

Aw, she's cute

Aw, it's a scheduled meet - seems this guy has info to sell, all about a big attack planned by this group of baddies and it's all on a hard drive he's hidden in this locker in LA, which he gives directions to find ...

and which Dixon hears over his invisible radio link, and which Dixon follows to this
locker, containing as promised one hard drive

Once Syd hears from Dixon that he's got it, Syd slips her diamonds to her dancing partner as payment

under the eagle eyes of this menacing dude, sure to be seen again in the ep

Switching back to LA, it's Tuesday morning at the Flinkmann's, and baby Mitchell
isn't feeling so well, and mom Carrie is a bit stressed out

making dad Marshall a bit late, and hearing an earful from ...

Sloane, who tells him to get in asap

which has Marshall telling Carrie Mr. Made-Up-Name-Of-Boss needs him at work
asap, making it clear that Carrie doesn't know about the APO and Mitchell is going
to the doctor's with Carrie and not Marshall

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