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Back at the APO, everything is still on lockdown

Seems that they're a secret organization, so they have to wait for the secret organization hazmat teams to clean them up and not the locals

Jack says, and what about the computer system? Is that infected, too? Let's ask Marshall to check

So Marshall gets a call from the office once again, just as he's pulled into the
parking lot

with the news that he can't come to work, since they're on a lockdown because something called cyclosarin has been released in the APO, and maybe the computers are hacked too

but Marshall confirms - their little ol' system is safe from nasty hacking

Now suddenly they realize if the hard drive exploded, maybe Syd isn't so safe

and their guess is right, as Syd awakes to her ringing cell phone to find herself buried alive ...

with the shot pigeon

and so she calls Vaughn and says, hey, I'm buried alive with the shot pigeon

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