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Dad Jack is very reassuring, saying we'll get you out, sweetheart

Of course, we're all locked down here, so we can't get you out real soon

which kind of makes Syd sad

until Zeppo ... er ... Xander ... er Marshall says, hey, Syd, I'm not in lockdown and I can rescue you, I can trace your cell phone signal

And so he zooms off in his little car to catch the next plane to Cuba

Back at APO it's time for a pep talk from their fearsome leader Sloane - let's work
the problem, people, and realize we're not going to be in that many scenes in this
episode, and the ones we're in are all tinted red, but hey, we can give exposition
on what the bad guys, called the Third Faction, are after and where they might be
releasing the rest of their large cache of cyclosarin

Back in Havanna, identifiable by it's collection of vintage '50's cars

Marshall is improvising a Sydney cell phone detector in this little hardware shop

equipped with a chicken, an almost Spanishless Marshall and ...

a proprietor who is getting annoyed at the hand-waving Marshall and ...

a grandmotherly type who likes looking at Marshall

who does some wizardry with an old radio and builds his detector

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