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It's post-rescue now, and they've ID'ed the baddies - the dead guy was someone named Alex, and he hung with the Third Faction under the direction of someone named Ulrich Koture, and they're planning something nasty with the rest of the cyclosarin

and Syd and Marshall have to go to Berlin, where Ulrich is, and hack into their computers and find out where the nasty business is going down

And so once more, to this stock footage said to be Berlin

Now Syd can't go on this caper, since she'd be recognized, so it's Marshall on point

and it's also Marshall singing a chemical version of a lullaby to Mitchell, when Carrie calls with the 'where the heck are you' questions

Where the heck he is is in this weird nightclub in Berlin

where he gets past the bodyguards to talk to ...

Ulrich himself, tellling the baddie that there are more people than Alex in his group
that are traitors to him

Marshall suavely pulls out the cigarette-case-com-hard-drive-reading gizmo

and slides it near the laptop

but the red-zoned listeners see encrypted data

all caused by this network firewall located in the basement, and to access it they
need Ulrich himself

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