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Ah, Vienna, with its splendid ...

uh ... sleazy bar easily duplicated on a set, where Syd's in the traditional red wig

and Vaughn's in the traditional watcher mode

as Syd serves the incognito Dixon a drink

and a gun

Now the deal, remembering the last episode, was for these bad dudes to get this
stuff called hydrosek, which is being delivered to the sleazy bar set, since public
places are so good a locale for top secret spy formula deliveries

which is probably why this guy who was skulking last ep is also here

and doctoring a drink

which Syd picks up and sees is kind of bomb-like

Syd tosses the drink, it explodes, and she ends up

tossing the skulking guy, while the other bad guys

make off with the suitcase with the hydrosek

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