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Back at the APO, Nadia gives Marshall a pic of the skulking man
to see if Marshall can ID him

which skulking man and Elena/Sophia hear via the locket radio Nadia is wearing

Now Elena/Sophia has a plan to get the hydrosek back, using Nadia's laptop

Switch to a sunny office, and the kind doc who is treating ...

oh dear, it's got to be terminal ... Jack is smiling!
But wait, the doc says the treatment is pretty radical, lots of rats
died in the process, but Jack says, hey, I'll get you the chemicals we need

So plans are put in motion - first Elena/Sophia calls Nadia and says, hey, how about dinner here, and bring Weiss

and it looks like Weiss will indeed be brought

The other plan - Jack's out to buy those chemicals from

chemical dude here, who's got the equipment to prove it

Back at the APO, Syd goes to Marshall for some ideas on Jack's
notes and discovers

that Marshall knew that Jack had gotten a lethal radiation dose

when he went into the reactor to save Syd

and did the manual removal of the core

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