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Back at APO

Sloane gets the facts from ...

Vaughn, who says Jack's in bad shape at the hospital, but he's alive and thinking he's been treated by a Dr. Liddel

Now Sloane does the briefing

Seems this Dr. Liddel is real, a radiation treatment specialist whom Jack helped escape from a Russian trip he made a decade or so ago, and got the guy a new identity

Syd discovers that Jack's the only one who knows how to contact the doc, but since Jack is in a bit of never-neverland at the moment, well ...

So Syd's all, hey, can't eat dinner with you guys tonight, must worry and think
up a solution

and Nadia's all sympathetic

So Nadia and Weiss arrive just in time for ...

OK, she's channeling the Brady's too much

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