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Now Dixon and Vaughn can chase baddies pretty well

and aren't easily intimidated by the baddie saying, stop or I'll drop the hydrosek in the Wiener Water

which is why they shoot him first

and look kind of worried later, but after all, it's only a deadly biohazard

and the APO sends in their clean-up team

Now skulking dude makes a call

to Elena/Sophia with the news that the CIA has the hydrosek, but Elena/Sophia has
a plan

Nadia, busier with the honey than she should be, asks whassup

to which Elena/Sophia says, hey, I'm a bother, I'm off to the Red Roof

Nadia says, no, no, we'll leave the light on for you

And so it's a smilling Red-Roofless Elena/Sophia, Nadia, and the mug of honey

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