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The bees make quick work of the monks

leaving only the dying Father, who even for an antidote is unwilling to give up the Rambaldi papers that helped them do all of this

so Cloane shoots the dying Father

Switching to the non-dying father, Jack is recuperating after his series of treatments
administered between epsiodes to cure him of his lethal dose of radiation

Syd, still thinking about when she was tricking dear ol' Dad into believing she was her mom to get info last episode, says, hey, did you really plan to leave the CIA back before Mom did her disappearing act?

Jack says, yeppers, wanted to spend more time with you - a nice father/daughter moment

Back at the APO briefing, Sloane reveals they've gotten word on the monk deaths at
this monastery in Umbria, and that the Cloane is involved, and the Rambaldi orchid

The plan - lure this guy out and nab him, and get the orchid

After the meeting, Jack has a heart-to-heart with Arvin, saying that Arvin lied, since apparently this stuff can be reversed, and he's telling the CIA if they can't clean this up themselves

Arvin says, yeah, and if you squeal on me, I'll squeal on you, and I didn't know that this stuff can be reversed, anyways

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