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Jack and Sloane start their interrogation of the Cloane

in front of the APO guys

After the Cloane tells Jack it's good to see him, Jack says, hey, never met you before, man

The Cloane then proceeds to relate incidents that only he and Jack would know about that, and asks hey, who's the dude sitting next to you?

The dude sitting next to Jack says, hey, I'm Sloane, not you

At this point, using the wonders of some sort of medical telemetry like that brain wave satellite they used last season, Marshall is reading the EEG of Cloane and discovers something interesting

So Nadia goes in, pulls out Jack from the meeting, and they all wait for Marshall's reveal

Seems the EEG's of Cloane and Sloane are identical, so Cloane really does believe he's Sloane

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