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This time the caper to lure out the Cloane is being planned in Syd and Nadia's place.
The idea is get the DSR to let them use a Rambaldi document all about the orchid stuff
as bait, say it was discovered at this Umbrian monastery

with Dixon and Nadia-in-disguise at the auction

Nadia inspects the papers

while transmitting pics of the interested bidders, including this one whose name-tag
is for a bogus organization, so they've found the one to watch

Now for some unfathomable reason, the guard removes the document case before the bidding begins

and when the bogus gal leaves the auction

Nadia and Dixon get the word to follow her and the case

The case they find empty, the guard knocked out

and a suspicious truck drives out of the alley

only to be blocked by Marshall and Vaughn

So the troops draw their guns

and capture the documents and the Cloane

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