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Sydney tries her luck, asking Cloane for the orchid

Cloane says, hey, ask about Rambaldi's endgame, the re-engenering of the human species, less agression, expanded capacity for empathy, etc., all through an elixir that could be given to people

Syd says, and how are people going to get this enlightened smoothie, not using the Jamba Juice sense of the term

and Cloane says, through their water supply

Yep, says Sloane, me bad, me put it in the water supply, using Omnifam

Since I didn't have the orchid for the final ingredient, I put in a substitutes that didn't work,
but hey, I just wanted the world to be all lovey dovey - kind of like the guy in that Superman
movie who couldn't find kryptonite and added tar instead, which turned Supe into
the guy who straightened the Leaning Tower of Pisa and did other horrible deeds

Jack tasks Nadia and Syd to look through the McCullough files for clues,
since anyone with the orchid could put the added ingredient in the already-
tainted water and turn hundreds of million people into killer bees, so to speak, or

while Nadia looks grossed-out by her dad

and Syd says to her dad, we need to talk right away

Jack's all, with hey, yes I knew, but Arvin just wanted to put things
right and I was keeping track of him

But Syd's not buying that - after all, if the CIA had known, they could have been
flower-hunting all year. And she comes up with the ultimate Sloane description:
"a delusional megalomaniac with benign intentions"

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