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At the same time, Chase and crew arrive at the sisters' house

Chase explains that a DSR facility had its security system disabled from Nadia's laptop tonight, and that it's not the only thing traced to Nadia's laptop

Nadia says, but ... but ... I didn't do it

A search of the house also finds

the locket Sophia gave Nadia, which is busy being the bug that it is

Enter the dads with an idea of who is responsible

Jack says that it was Elena Derevko, since everything taken tonight were specific Rambaldi artifacts that Elena has been after, and that Sophia is Elena

Sloane adds, and we have to stop Elena or else end-of-world disaster kind of thing

Needless to say, Nadia is stunned

When it's obvious Elena has given them the slip the next morning, Nadia agrees with Dad that Elena probably will go after someone named Lazlo Drake

and Sloane promises that they will find Elena and end this and he'll clean up the mess that his Rambaldi obsession has caused

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