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A little later, Dixon and Chase meet in the stairwell

where Dixon is kind of miffed that Chase let Sloane go, but he also kind of understands

a view probably affected by the fact that the two of them have been spending weekends together

Now there is only one other person Jack can think of who might be able to help
them find Elena and that is ....

his sister-in-law, Katya Derevko

Jack's willing to bargain - info on Elena's whereabouts and he'll work to get Katya out of jail

Katya says she can help them find Elena, but she can't help them stop Elena. The only person who can stop her is Irina, but unfortunately Jack shot Irina. Oh, and by the way, did he know that Elena was actually the head of the Covenant, and that they really never took down the Covenant at all last season?

So Jack calls Sydney with the news that Elena's headquarters is in Prague

Well, they says this is Prague, but it looks a lot like Southern California

Elena's there

as her guards bring her a visitor

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