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Nadia says, nope, not getting the sphere, bad sphere

Sloane says, cowardly Nadia, and I'll just do it myself, you'll see

We do see him grab the sphere, only to fall through the glass floor the next moment

and get lots of glass shards in him

and discover that even though he is a Rambaldi-obsessed schnook, Nadia won't leave him cause he's her dad

Back in the present time with proper color saturation, Sloane explains ...

they need to find Lazlo Drake, the gatekeeper to Rambaldi's ultimate creation, before Elena does

which Jack says would be an apocalypse because Elena is the keymaster, and they'll all roast in the belly of the mighty slor, or something like that, and anyone want a marshmallow?

All they have to do is find this guy who is "the money" for Lazlo, to find Lazlo himself

Now Dixon points out that Sloane is suppose to excuse himself from working on Rambaldi issues

but Chase is willing to have Sloane's expertise this time to avoid Rambaldi apocalypses

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