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Seems Nadia and Sloane, on their journey at the end of Season Three to find the
Sphere of Life, went to see ...

Lazlo Drake, an historian and keeper of the Rambaldi manuscript that shows how to
put together Rambaldi's endgame, which he isn't about to reveal until Sloane and Nadia
come back with all the pieces, but he did consider it really really cool to meet Nadia

Seems that the Sphere of Life is actually in Sienna, and that Nadia is the only person who can retrieve it

So Nadia and Sloane head down dark stone steps into a deep cave where they find ....

this mosaic glass floor and a box on a pedastal in the center of the glass floor

Sloane says, Nadia, go do your destiny-fulfilling bit and get the box

and so Nadia does, and opens it ...

and touches the sphere

and gets some horrific visions of ...

chaos in the streets

and fighting Sydney

and Nadia herself wtih red eyes

and the Mueller sphere spinning

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