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Her body keeps breaking down the medications I give her so River is still sort of crazy

If she were to shoot you no one could help because we're alone out there and there is no one else here but us

No one has one fine ship

The kindly neighborhood bounty hunter looks over a futuristic wanted poster

The bounty hunter boards Serenity

Maybe we're being too harsh on River

I didn't leave the gun out so don't look at me and I didn't want her on board in the first place

Mal asks Jayne if he really wants to bring up his objection to River's presence, while looking a lot like he did when he was about to have Jayne sucked out the airlock in Ariel

Hey, River has used a gun before

Remember last weeks episode? I froze when I needed to shoot
some baddies, River came along, looked at them for a moment,
closed her eyes and shot them all like she used math to figure
out where they were

Yup, she killed them with

The crew is doubtful but concerned

Skeptical and unnerved Simon

River listens from the cargo bay, located right below the kitchen

River doesn't even eavesdrop like a normal person

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