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More River discussion

River might be psychic

She's a witch?

Wash wonders how Jayne ever mastered speech

Jayne doesn't like it that River might be in his head and Inara comforts by telling him no one likes the idea of being in Jayne's head

River just wants to be a kid

Yeah, but she might be a crazy psychic assassin

Sorry about suggesting your sister isn't human

Don't you like anything on this ship *hint**hint*

Well, I'd be back making loads of cash being a doctor if it wasn't for River but yes there are a few things that are nice about the ship and Book is going to interrupt us before we get any farther than that, so there

The bounty hunter, Jubal Early, boards Serenity

Jubal and Mal fight - Mal loses

Zoe and Wash sleep

Book hears something behind him and then Book is knocked
unconscious by Jubal, who was the person Book heard behind

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