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River unnerves Jubal by knowing about his childhood

Several break away, split-second shots of a rabid Jubal ensue

River isn't Serenity, she's just on Jubal's ship and knows about
his past because she's looking through his stuff

I'm not wanted here so I'll say a beautifully written speech and agree to be your bounty


Zoe and Wash listen to River's speech

Kaylee listens to River's speech

Simon sadly listens to River's speech

Either Simon looks different in a rage, or this is a good shot
of his stunt double tackling Jubal Early

Simon is shot by Jubal

River doesn't like that Simon was shot

Jubal Early makes his escape

Except he doesn't, because Mal shows up...

...and pushes Jubal off into space

Which is rather fitting, since Jubal Early was only Jubal Early
because Nathan Fillion's ancestor was the Confederate general
Jubal Early and he got Joss Whedon to use the name

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