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Kaylee hears something behind her, too

It's me again! I'm going to tie you up and calmly threaten to rape you if you try to escape or call for help and I'm very creepy


Simon hears something but it isn't behind him

Shirtless Simon goes to check on River, who isn't in her room

Jubal and Simon are fast friends

Isn't my gun pretty?

Hey, are you Alliance?

Am I a lion? Oh, Alliance. I thought you said... And is this more weirdly symbolic dialogue? Is this a trend? But I'm not a bounty hunter - I'm a bounty hunter. See, there I go again!

Jubal searches for River

I think doctors should be shot so they know what pain feels like since psychiatrists have to get psychoanalyzed


Now in the shuttle, Inara tries to psychoanalyze Jubal

Jubal doesn't like it

Inara gets hit

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