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Seems that Sydney didn't really hit bottom last episode, but caught her leg on that
long ladder. So it's simply a matter of regaining consciousness, climbing up five
stories on the rickety ladder ...

and out ...

and calling Dixon on the walkie-talkie

and finding Dixon with a gunshot to the chest, and the only hope of help being her
satellite phone from the CIA, i.e. the big walkie-talkie

Once out of Argentina and back in self-storage, Syd tells Vaughn all about the
CIA helicopter ride to a hospital, then the SD-6 plane-ride back to LA

Vaughn says, hey, Dixon got back to the hospital here in LA without them having to show footage of the trip

Syd says, yeah, and it's an SD-6 hospital, and I had to lie to Dixon's wife

Syd's tale for Diane Dixon - it was a stick-up, in Rome, to steal stuff out of my briefcase

Diane Dixon realizes being a banker can be almost as dangerous as being a spy

Back at SD-6, Dreyer fingers Sydney as the mole - her test results were too perfect, and she lost the Rambaldi book, and her partner was almost killed

Sloane's all, yadda yadda yadda, you just want to find a mole, and don't you do anything about Sydney - I'll do it, if it needs doin'

Back in real LA, Sydney tells Francie and Will the same story she told Diane Dixon


Will points out the deadly consequences of being Sydney's friend - first Danny murdered, now Dixon almost murdered

Francie tells Will to shut up, and avoid another murder

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