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Back at SD-6, it's the next op

Sloane does Op, Part A - need to get the bank account numbers of the arms
dealer Ineni Hassan, because he's a bad bad man with lots of money

Jack does Op, Part B - Syd needs to crash a swanky party at Tuscan villa of Hassan's accountant and steal the account numbers off of a computer

Op, Part C - once Syd gets the numbers, she dead drops them at Dinatti Park

Meanwhile, Will just can't give it up and takes the flower pin bug to his techie
friend, who discovers ...

oops ... it's on!

Back at Syd's house

Back to Francie's story - she needs a wedding dress

Let's do it Saturday! After all, what could interfere?


Sydney and Vaughn meet in self-service this time, with Vaughn telling Syd the true
story behind Hassan, which is he took money for some stingers from SD-6 but never
delivered the goods, and SD-6 wants him punished

Vaughn says, get SD-6 the account numbers, and the CIA will track the money and get a financial pic of SD-6

Syd says, yeah, sure, you betcha, but gotta mention this weirdness I had with Sloane

Seems Sloane stops by her op tech meeting with Marshall to say, we need to talk

Syd finds out the lie detector detected no lie, and that Sloane's all sorry that Syd hates him for Danny's death, because he really did beg security not to whack Danny

Sloane also says, hey, knew your dad, your mom, you as a baby, Heck, I always thought of you as my own daughter, just wanted to say
... which all sounds like a long goodbye to Syd

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