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Back at SD-6, Sloane outlines the next op - seems the numbers Sydney got in Tuscany were for a safety deposit box in a Swiss bank in Geneva

Syd and Russek are suppose to go to Geneva, so Syd can break into the safety deposit box and get the real account numbers stored in the box, while Russek plays Dixon and watches


and as an added bonus, Syd gets kudos on the Tuscany job

In self-storage, Syd gets the whole story about the fake hit message, and Jack's help with deciphering the fakeness

She also gets a nice concerned look and a new CIA transmitter that she'll use with the SD-6 transmitter from the vault

Meanwhile, Will goes to the street intersection and answers a ringing pay phone.
The caller asks if Will's ready to continue with the Kate Jones investigation.
With Will's yeah, sure, you betcha, the mysterious caller hangs up

Meanwhile, in this nice stock footage of Geneva

Sydney goes to the bank to check out storage facilities for her fictitious diamond clients ...

knocks out her nice bank tour guide when they get to the safety deposit boxes ...

and contacts Russek ...

who plays Dixon and says AOK


Syd breaks into Hassan's safety deposit box and reads Russek the bank account numbers

while the CIA listen over their new transmitter gizmo

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