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Sydney makes the dead drop and no one takes a shot at her

Vaughn, who has learned a lesson in hand-sitting

Jack, who knows better and ain't afraid to show it

Sloane, who's smiling ... in a Sloane kind of way

Back at Sydney's house, Will shows Francie the bug, says it's part of a puzzle
that's a story he's working on

Francie starts jabbering into it

and Will gets a call telling him to stop Francie from jabbering into it

Back at SD-6, Dreyer's not happy

Dreyer says if she had been the mole, then Sloane's plan would have let her be rescued and that's not good, and I'm smelling somethin' nasty here

Sloane says, take your nose out of here and go back to finding the real mole

Back at Sydney's house

Sydney apologizes for shopping trip stand-up

and Francie looks sweet and understanding

At the newspaper, Will gets a mysterious call to go to a certain street intersection

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