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Back at the CIA, Weiss picks up the message that SD-6 has put out a hit on Sydney

which has Vaughn scrambling to get an extraction team to Tuscany and to call Jack

and which has Jack saying, you sit on your hands until you hear from me, cause this could be a big mistake

Now Jack scrambles over to see Marshall, with a request to look for a lost message

so he can check the messages logs for the day

where he discovers Sloane's message to Rome, sent out of Server 5, which is not connected to the network at the moment, since it's the server SD-6 thinks their 'hacker' is using

So Jack scrambles to the CIA, with a request to see those guys he told to sit on
their hands in Field Ops

At Field Ops, with hands clearly visible, Vaughn and Co are watching Dinatti Park
and their extraction team on their conveniently-place cameras instead of
sitting on their hands

Jack says, hand-sitting time, folks, it's a set-up to see if Syd's a double and to see if anyone is listening still

Vaughn says, yeah, but what if you're wrong?

Compelled by Jack and their immediate CIA superior to at last do the hand-
sitting, they watch ...

Sydney entering the park

walking past the monitors ...

which also seem to be available for viewing at SD-6

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