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Marshall shows the peculiar bit

to an interested Sloane

Just as Sydney is about to get the hypo

this guy says, change of plans

So Syd ends up in Sloane's office, hears about how the second transmission from Geneva has now been identified as Russek's transmission to K-Directorate

which means Syd's free of moledom

and she gets to hold Sloane's hands

while poor Russek gets the hypo and the torture session

This time at a flower shop meet, Vaughn says doubtful that Russek was really


which means, according to Syd, that Russek is probably a sacrificial lamb

Vaughn says, well, yeah, maybe, but it ain't us doing the sacrificing. You lucked out

Before he leaves, he hands off a Christmas present to Sydney


Later, Syd and pals are playing a game, interrupted by Syd's beeper

Syd says, off to work for another midnight bankruptcy

Will says, enough already, you need to quit

Syd says, hey, what I do is important and you should be thanking me, and I think
I'll leave now before I put my foot in my mouth any more

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