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Back at Sydney's, Will fishes for info on Syd's present giver

while Syd opens her gift from Vaughn

and finds an antique picture frame

She pulls out some pics to put in it and has a moment of realization

Syd says, Dad told me Santa Claus was real in the same voice he used when he said he didn't set up Russek, so he's lying. And what he did was not nice

Vaughn says, yeah, and what would you have done if it had been your daughter, or Danny? Oh, and by the way, remember your dad in Havana? Well ...

Dad went to Havana

talked to some informants

and got caught by

Hassan's goons and the CIA isn't going to do anything at the moment

Syd says, OK, earlier dad lesson learned, so you need to help me get to Cuba
to save him


Meanwhile, at Lompoc Federal Penitentiary


Will meeets with David McNeil and asks him about SD-6

McNeil says he doesn't know anything, he won't talk, and Will needs to stay away, from him and his friend Stoller

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