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Gettting Syd ready for the op, Marshall shows off the super swank glasses
with built-in camera

which Syd takes with her to Semba Island, in Kenya

Syd's all blond and super-swank, even when

bumping into this guy

and even swanker when she fInds Driscoll, the forger, and finds out his room number
in casual conversation

Meanwhile, back in LA

Will meets with a Robert Stoller. Seems the only hit a search on SD-6 produced was
a mention of it in a case that this lawyer was involved with, the people versus
David McNeil



Will wants info on SD-6, and was David McNeil a part of it

Turns out McNeil had his own business doing encryption software. When one company wanted his software and he wouldn't sell, suddenly the government was investigating him and his wife was committing suicide, and he plea-bargained for a jail term, and his daughter lives now with the Stollers

Back on Semba Island, Syd breaks into Driscoll's suite with her Marshallized key card

and looks around until she's discovered by

this guy, whom she tackles

and pushes through a wall

revealing a small operating room and

a database of new faces, including Hassan's new one

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