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Back at SD-6, seems Sloane has discovered Hassan's whereabouts and new alias before Syd, and sends Jack to Havana to kill Hassan

Jack also gets to hear this strange tale about Sloane being able to feel a darkness coming, even while things were great, so he's not surprised when things turn rotten

Once back from Kenya, Syd meets Vaughn in self-storage

and tells Vaughn about Hassan's new identity

which Vaughn already knows, because he met with Jack just before Jack was sent to Cuba to get Hassan

Yep, it's a Vaughn flashback to meeting Jack

Vaughn says the CIA wants Jack to fake Hassan's death for SD-6 and to get Hassan's client list

Jack's not impressed by his new temporary handler, and makes it known, albeit agreeing to the assignment

which prompts Vaughn to trick him into admitting that Jack set up Russek

Jack says, I just learned Sydney was about to be tortured and executed, so I
had to act fast


So Jack acted fast, with lots of furtive glances ...

and changed the transmission files so that it looked like Russek was transmitting to K-Directorate

and got the reward of seeing Sydney alive and well and holding hands with Arvin himself

Jack's all, go ahead, make my day

He'll think about it

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