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Back at SD-6, Sloane outlines the op

Seems they got a lead on Hassan himself - seems he went to an island hideaway om
Kenya, where this great forger is, and got himself new ID papers

Syd gets her assignment, go in as playgirl and try to find out Hassan's new identity from the forger's info

while Jack gets brooding looks

Jack stops Syd before she leaves, offers sympathy for the earlier deep doo-dah,
which has Syd asking, Dad, did you frame Russek?

Uh, me?

Uh, no, of course not

Back to Will's secret investigation, he and his tech friend work on the audio tape

with enough sound improvement to hear the three gunshots that killed Eloise Kurtz, and also a question - did you tell them about SD-6?

which has Will asking, what the hell is SD-6?

Later at Will's house


Sydney apologizes for being a jerk and suggests a trip next weekend, so she can be un-jerk

only to be interrupted by Jenny, sporting one of Will's shirts

Awkward moments later, Syd says, hmmm

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