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Back at the basement of SD-6, which is itself in a basement, badder guys infiltrate

and masquerade as SD-6'ers with coffee

while checking out the offices

Meanwhile, Syd arrives at work

where Jack catches up to her and tells her no-go on the hockey or the
quitting because they'd rub her out

Rubber-outer Sloane thinks he recognizes someone on the surveillance cameras

and the check indicates that yes, it's the guest star of the week

So Sloane uses his trigger finger to trigger a lock-down at SD-6

Now Jack and Syd have made it into the elevator

and Syd is looking like maybe she'll listen to Dad

when suddenly the power shuts down and Jack realizes that SD-6 may be
in deep doo dah

Actually, SD-6 is in deep sleep as the badder guys pump in the sleeping gas

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