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It's another evening at work at his paper, and Will gets a phone call from his mysterious informer
with more info on this mysterious SD-6, but Will says forget it, it's too dangerous

Will also gets

an envelope on his chair

and a message left with his pretty assistant to talk to the voice box guy again

and Will says forget it ... again

In yet another LA office building, since apparently everyone is at work late into the
evening in this episode, Vaughn is sitting and thinking

and tells Weiss that Syd wants to quit

and Weiss suggests pizza or getting drunk

until they are interrupted by Haladki, who thinks it's really great that Vaughn will
be seeing the CIA shrink to deal with the her-mother-killed-his-father stuff

Vaughn is thinking he'd probably like someone to bump-off Haladki, too

Meanwhile, at the locked-down SD-6, the elevator automatically goes back to SD-6

but the Bristows have conveniently climbed through the roof of said elevator

and then climb through several dark tunnels and such till they come to

a room where they can tap into the closed circuit TV's in SD-6 to see what's happening

which shows them that badder guys have invaded the office

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