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Syd's droppin'

while Jack's tappin'

a Morse code message for Marshall using the red light on the TV camera

which Marshall notices

and creates the needed diversion for Syd's maneuver. For his efforts, he gets hit in the head by a badder guy

while Syd gets to climb once more into the air ducts, but this time with the descrambler

So, even though it must now be 3 AM at the very least, Will is once more back at his
office and once more is interrupted by

the daughter, who says she can go into hiding, but just prove her dad is innocent

and Will is starting to decide that maybe he shouldn't give up

So Will opens the envelope that was left for him and finds a key

Meanwhile, back at SD-6, Cole brings out his torture needles

and Sloane needles him

but gets pricked, and gives up a combination to Cole

who heads down some more corridors towards the vault room

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