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The badder guys, with the SD-6'ers all tied up neatly

Seems that head badder guy Cole is mad at Sloane because he was left for dead in some former USSR republic, although he does like his new job of working for someone cool called 'The Man'

and Sloane says, yeah, yeah, so what

Since everyone seems to work at night in this episode, Vaughn's appointment
with the shrink, Dr. Barnett, is happening now

So what's your relationship with Sydney, and what did you give her for a Christmas present? I missed that episode

Vaughn's thinking, buy the DVD's and find out yourself

Back at SD-6, Cole has Sloane brought to the torture room to get the combination
of the vault - seems the as-yet-to-be-named MacGuffin for this episode is in the SD-6 vault


while his men get ready to break into the outer vault room, which Jack and Syd
watch on the closed circuit TV

Here's the action plot for this episode - if they break into the vault itself during a lock-down, three hidden towers of C4 will blow us all up. So we need to get the descrambler that Marshall was working on by crawling through the air ducts, grabbing the descrambler in Marshall's office, and then crawling through the ducts again to the outer vault room to descramble the vault codes, buying us time to defuse the C4 towers

OK, but it sounds like this might take two episodes to complete

So Syd begins her two episode crawl through the ducts, and Jack has a parental
moment as he touches the vent that his daughter is crawling through - aaawwwww

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