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In this Alias LA that never sleeps, Will is interrupted at his late late night dinner

I came because I got your message tonight, and my dad is the one SD-6 framed and I want you to help

But I didn't call you, and your dad says no go to the investigaion 'cause it's too dangerous

Again later (don't these guys ever go home?), Vaughn stops Haladki

and explains that Haladki should perhaps refrain from offering a plethora of facts regarding Vaughn to CIA psychiatrists in the future

but is interrupted by Weiss, less forceful but equally willing to point his finger at the smarmy icky guy

Meanwhile in the duct work over Marshall's office, Syd spies

the descrambler that looks like a gold compact

and uses the office magnet she brought with her to go fishing for it

except that just then the outer vault room explodes

and everything falls to the floor out of reach of the fishing line

and so Syd gets an idea

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