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In front of this nice stock footage of Berlin

Agent Jim Lennox is enjoying some nocturnal activities

with fellow Agent Emma Wallace

but Wallace starts getting the heeby-jeebies about Lennox,
so she tries to send a message to the CIA

but is knocked out by Lennox, who then phones

Sloane, to let him know that Wallace was ready to finger him. Sloane suggests something public for Wallace.

Back at what use to be the headquarters of SD-6, Sydney drops in from
her morning run, the morning after the episode before this one, arriving before Vaughn

Ah, about last night and the osculation

It's OK, Alice and I are officially an un-couple

Oooo, cool, and I get to go in the CIA front door

Yeah, and I get to drive you

Back in Berlin, Wallace is dumped in a public square, wrapped in C4

Kendall points this out

and the CIA monitors

and poor Emma awaits her fate

which is rather sad and unfortunate

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