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After witnessing the disaster, Syd has a cry in the ladies room

and says nice thing to a new CIA agent, also upset

Afterwards, a meeting

Kendall explains that Wallace was working with her partner to what Project Helix was all about

Jack, who is more Kendally than fatherly in this episode, will take on some of Kendall's exposition duties and explains that Sydney and Vaughn will be sent to rescue Wallace's partner

Agent Jim Lennox, whom they believe is being held prisoner in the

And guess who shows up to drive Syd to the airport for their mission date

Ooo, funky

Nice house

Nice kissy

Evil Francie

Hey Francie, he's it, you know, The One, the Cute Hot Guy,
the guy who ditched his other girl friend this morning

Charmed, says Francie

Weird, thinks Vaughn and Sydney

Thinking Francie is beyond weird

Thinking Francie is in darker eye makeup
to make herself look more malevolent

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