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Meanwhile, blond Syd finds another Room 47

and poor Agent Lennox who has met the opthalmological equivalent of that evil Asian dentist

Syd wacks the bad guys

and rescues Lennox

and discovers the stuff they were putting in Lennox' eyes makes him hypersensitive to light

and so blindfolds him and leads him to

Battle Corridor, where Lennox adds some aid by taking off the
blindfold and shooting one of the baddies

before they escape to meet Vaughn

Back on the first non-cargo plane the CIA has ever sent Syd on a mission in

Syd gives Lennox the bad news about his partner

which makes him all angsty

Much later, the CIA debrief

Lennox explains that he and Wallace had discovered that this Project Helix was actually run by a Mr. Big, who called on speakerphones, and that Wallace was Lennox'

Jack solicitously asks after Lennox' health in an unusually avuncular move unlike the usual Jack, but then this is not a usual Alias episode

Oh, heck, even Kendall is nice to the poor guy

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