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Syd stops off at Lennox's safe house and says some warm fuzzies to him about loosing fiancées

which gets an inebriated Lennox to thinking

fiancée substitute, which is a really bad idea, for which he apologizes

just before some CIA types come to take him away

Seems that Weiss and the new blond have discovered that the guy who pushed Wallace's button

was Lennox, or a lookalike because they have decoded the Project Helix download and the thing is a sort-of genomatic, changing genetic sequences and causing appearance changes

Syd says she believes they've got the real Lennox

Jack believes they can check Lennox' eyes with a gizmo to see if he's the real Lennox

Vaughn thinks that maybe they can implement the lysine contingency so that all the dinosaurs that have escaped the island can be caught

Iris patterns checked and matched - it's a Lennox

And Syd explains it all

See, there is the dude who looks just like you because he used his genomatic machine on himself and so he changed his genes to yours and so he's Emma's murderer and he's in your genes

Hmm, me too

And so they go to an atmospheric train yard in Poland

where they take out a few guards

and break into the train lab

and find that There is Another ... someone else has gone through the genomatic,
but they don't know who

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