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CIA-stuck Vaughn gets a call

from someone who says he's the real Lennox and the iris scan stuff doesn't work

When they let Syd know of the second Lennox, Syd gets ready to take
both Lennox and Not-Lennox in custody, or maybe that was
Not-Lennox and Not-Not-Lennox

so she handcuffs one

and gets the drop on the other

who, of course, says he's Lennox and the guy with the stocking cap is Not-Lennox

but is contradicted by the guy in the stocking cap who says he is Not-Not-Lennox and the guy with no hat is Not-Lennox

Not, Not-Not, and Syd in a three-way stand-off

Syd has an idea, drops her gun, and says she is now blowing up the genomatic knowing that Not-Lennox will try to stop her because he wouldn't want to go through life looking like Ethan Hawke - really the most unbelievable part of this whole episode

But darn if she isn't right and Not-Lennox, who never had the stocking cap, tries to shoot her but is shot by Not-Not-Lennox, or, using truth tables, Just Lennox

Meanwhile, Not-Francie does some dirty to a television set in Syd's bedroom

Back in LA in daytime

The cute guys stand around and make nice to each other in their
suits and ties

Lennox offers some thanks

and Syd says things will eventually get better for him, since he ended up alive and boy, doesn't he look a lot like Noah    ?

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