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A Russian black market arms dealer and his two thugs in an elevator, headed to the 47th floor of an unnamed building

until explosives go off, severing the cable and the emergency brakes so that

Sark, waiting at the bottom, can pick the pocket of one of them

and Kendall wants to know what was in the pocket of the dead Russian,
who was also on Irina's list of 'dangerous friends I want the CIA to know about'
that she wrote out in great detail when she turned herself in

so Jack goes to see Irina and ask her for info

So why did Sloane pick this guy's pocket?   Large    

My question first. Why haven't you convinced Sydney to leave the CIA?

Jack does a little sighing, and explains that Syd isn't going to leave
the biz while Sloane is loose, and that Syd can be stubborn, and he
wonders where the stubbornness came from   Large    

OK, Irina does look a bit guilty regarding the stubborn genes she gave Syd
and also explains that Sloane was after a Rambaldi manuscript re the human
heart that he thought the Russian dude might have, but that Irina knew was
actually with another Russian dude in her book, who is now in Bangkok

So let's get the Rambaldi valentine first and use it for bait to catch Sloane   Large    

so Syd can leave the CIA, but Kendall might not go for it

Meanwhile, in an unnamed ice rink, Vaughn gives hockey lessons to Syd

and they have a

very good time

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