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Back in LA, Vaughn tells Syd he doesn't understand why they weren't informed about the Irina outing

but Syd says it's OK, they didn't need to be, no biggee

and Vaughn says OK, and I'm taking a shower   Large    

and Syd says OK   Large    

and goes to the fridge while eyeing

Vaughn's briefcase, which has the laptop whose hard drive Yeager wants her to copy

Later, Will and Francie are having a discussion

where Will tells Francie everything, that Syd is a spy, that she's like Arnold Schwarzennegger, that he's an analyst

and Francie says wow, really?   Large    

but it's just a dream, and Will wakes up

Later, Will tells Vaughn about the dream

and Vaughn says yup, you'll have that

In Hong Kong

Irina and Jack pose as UN inspectors

and pretend to tape this guy who has this Rambaldi manuscript, saying they will ask questions about illegal chemicals

and Jack pushes the button and releases the illegal checmical that puts the guy to sleep

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