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But then Syd mentions that she hasn't skated since her mom took
her when she was five

and Vaughn really doesn't like to hear Irina mentioned

and Syd gets interrupted by a phone call to come into work

and so the parting kiss is a little off target

At work, Syd is led in to see a guy named Yeager

who makes Syd sign all sorts of confidentiality agreements and forces her to sit down across from him, and in front of the TV

Yeager wants to know all sorts of stuff about Vaughn because Yeager is
investigating possible wrong doings by Vaughn in the past three months,
involving unauthorized meetings with baddies like KGB assassins   Large    

and Syd isn't very happy to hear this and isn't happy
to be asked to spy on Vaughn

Back in the rotunda, Jack talks to Kendall about the Irina as bait plan

All you have to do is let her out with me on assignment and we'll go to Bangkok and get a Rambaldi document, and don't worry because now I can always tell when she is

Kendall undoubtedly is wondering if Jack will ever eat his words, but heck, he's smiling ... sort of ... in a Kendall kind of way   Large    

Irina is smiling too at the Bangkok news

and is still smiling, with a smidgen of suspicion, when their nice little tête a tête is interrupted by ...

Marshall, who is really pleased to meet Syd's mom, since Syd is great, and who also has

a nifty tracking device he injects into Irina's nifty shoulder

An awe-inspiring moment for Marshall

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