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So Jack and Irina use the guy's key card and go to

the Rambaldi manuscript

and Jack starts to notice that

Irina is drooling over the manuscript

and has to remind her that they have to skedaddle

Back in LA, Sydney sees Vaughn put something in a yellow envelope
and stick it in his pocket

So, are you hiding anything from me, because it sure looks like it  Large    

and Vaughn shows Syd the envelope, which had a key to his apartment that he was going to give her that night but now won't, and explains he is not disloyal and that he goes ballistic when people question his loyalty

so Syd goes to see Yeager afterwards and says she won't
copy Vaughn's hard drive for him and makes a comment about
trusting those you love

and Yeager says yeah, yeah, yeah, that means you're sleepin' with Vaughn

In an unnamed office, Sloane reads and Sark enters

Sark explains about Irina being in Bangkok

and Sloane says yeah, yeah, good

Back in LA, Irina is taking lots of post-it notes on the Rambaldi heart book
when Syd stops by

and Irina looks lovely   Large    

Hey, I'm going on a mission to Panama with your dad, and I may not make it through, so I just wanted to say I love you

Awwww, Mom

and they give each other a finger mirroring moment through the glass

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