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In Panama, Irina gets out of the van with her armed escorts and

smiles a nice goodbye smile at Jack

who ain't smilin'

Kendall is monitoring in LA

A limo drives up with

Sark, who is sent to pick up

Irina, who has Sark agree to take her and her armed escorts of Sloane

The CIA and Jack track the car via satellite, until the satellite goes blank

at which time the limo pulls under an underpass, out of helicopter eyeshot,
and does the old switcheroo, with another limo coming out the other side

while Sark plugs the escorts

and drives to meet

Sloane, who welcomes

Irina, who thanks Sloane for "extracating" her

and hands Sloane the Rambaldi documents that the CIA thought were in LA   Large    

but that the CIA discovers have turned into a colorful assortment of  post-it notes

just as Jack discovers that the van has turned into a decoy

which he covers very handsomely   Large    

and so, in this changing scenario, Jack is left holding the gun and
a very serious expression that could mean anything, but will not be
explained anytime soon, or at least not till the next episode

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