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Ah, a dissertation and demonstration of behavior of pheromonally sensitive agents after an extended conference session,

with a brief reflection on whether Jack's motivation for Vaughn's new assignment was to keep Vaughn busy enough to have less time for Sydney

but not quite yet

and not before they mention the assignment is to investigate the satellite data leak,
 which is broadcast via Vaughn's tie gift to NotFrancie herself

NotFrancie is thinking that someone looking for the leak will find Tippin and eventually herself, so she calls Sark

who says he has to ask the bosses for advice

So he goes to see Irina and explains the situation

Irina says frame Tippin, don't kill him, and Sloane is maybe gone for good, and we need the Rambaldi heart

Sark says yeah, sure, you betcha

So NotFrancie begins the framing with with eye gizmos, chemicals,

and post-hypnotic suggestions that the more personal the remembrance the fuzzier Will will get

Will is probably already seeing pretty fuzzy

and isn't that a great reflection of NotFrancie in his eye

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