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Syd and Will jogging, and Syd tells Will he passed the analysts exam. But quicker than
Will pulling off his shirt like he did in the pilot    , along comes

a pesky group of FBI agents in Fords, who are coming to take Will away

Syd says, take Will where? To Camp Harris, special bad camp for terrorists

Will says, take Will why? Because Will is a terrorist

The why's and where's explained

Marshall says the unauthorized satellite downloads were from Will's account

Syd says, yeah but it could be someone else using Will's account

Jack says maybe Will is the other double, and we found Provacillium that is needed
to be taken by gene therapy patients in Will's car, along with this very interesting candid
video, which we'll all leave you and Vaughn alone to watch

Sweatin' with the lovin'

Sweatin' with

Will gets the double's eye check

Syd gives Will the bad news that he's got proteins in his eyes, and it ain't from rubbin' in Special K. Seems those proteins are special double markers

Will says, hey, it's me, and so what if I've forgotten such important things as what episode it was that I kissed you in last year

Back at Syd's house, Syd tells all, including the fact that Will is probably a double and
the fact that she doesn't work at a bank, or even at the Daily Planet

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