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Back at the Daily Task Force Rotunda

On this side, those that think the guy they have in the cell is NotWill

On this side, the one person who thinks it's Will, not NotWill, and her boyfriend

They go into their corners and come out sniping, as they discuss the next assignment ...

getting Dr. Jurgens in Berlin, who helped the guy who made the doubling machine, 
and who might know who the second double is. Only trouble is that this intel is from
Will's own research, so is it true?

Syd says she's sure it's Will they have in the cell, and not NotWill, and they cam trust the intel

and Kendall says he's sure it's nepotism that makes Jack keep following Syd's hunches

So Nepotistic Jack says let's follow Syd's hunch and go after this guy

Meanwhile, Dixon goes visiting

and tries some intimidation of Will with coroner's photos of Diane after the accident

and with a little strangulation

and Will says  'aaahhhhhhggggg' until Dixon loosens his grip

A bit later, Kendall tells Dixon to take a team and escort Will to
Camp Harris - the DOJ overruled Jack's orders

Turns out that NotFrancie can also intercept DOJ stuff, too - she must have antennas coming out ...
So she calls Sark with this news and with the news of Syd's heart-to-heart

Sark says get a team to grab Will and kill him, and maybe the heart-to-heart
might be helpful in future

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