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Will does some baddie fighting

and then runs for the hills

The hills, surrounding the mayhem and Dixon

Syd's pissed about Will going to Camp Harris and the ambush

and Kendall's pissed that he gets no respect

Jack reminds Syd that it may be NotWill who escaped, and not Will

which makes Syd feel a bit better, if she could just sort out the nots

Back in a parking garage that inconspicuously contains a table and  two chairs,
Irina gets the plans for the NSA facility with the Rambaldi heart to which she has codes

except that this guy says the codes were changed

and Irina does an enigmatic Jack impersonation

Meanwhile, Syd and NotFrancie talk Will

NotFrancie does a nice job with the tears and the worrying

and Syd gets a call from Will, who tells all about the ambush and the baddies

Will says he loves Syd, but she's sort of destroyed his life. Syd says they'll find the real double
if they can just find this server farm, so Will says try the one in Marseilles he found in his research
on the first doubling doc

So NotFrancie gets a Syd hug and info that there is a server farm in Marseilles
with the doubling DNA data

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