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This means Sark finds out about the server farm in Marseilles, and goes to Irina
to tell her about the ambush and disobeying her orders

which doesn't please Irina, who is also not so pleased that she can't steal the Rambaldi heart easily

 So Sark suggests getting to Marseilles first, and going for a trade with Syd - DNA info for a key to get into the heart building

Back in LA, Jack explains that Will's fingerprint on the detonator that blew up Dixon's
wife was a plant, so Will's cleared, but they need to know the double, so she should 
go to Marseilles with Vaughn

and Syd says you'll be in deep doo dah for ordering this mission without DOJ approval

and Jack says fiddle dee dee, he doesn't want to be management anymore, or words to that effect

and miracle of miracles, Syd gives Dad a kiss on the cheek

and Jack looks soooo huggable

Back with non-huggable Kendall, who wants to know why Jack did what he did with getting
himself demoted by the DOJ, and can't they work together

And Jack says something politely insulting

and Kendall just moves that face of his 

At an outdoor restaurant, Jack is soon joined by a surprise visitor ...

Arvin Sloane, who drops by and says he really misses Jack's poker face, and by the way, two snipers have Jack in their sites so he shouldn't try anything

so Jack sits with his poker face and confesses he broke his friendship with Sloane when Sloane recruited Syd against his wishes

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